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Wright Fire & Forensics' goal is to provide you with a qualifed consultant  for projects in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama.  The team aims to respond to your project quickly. Our employees receive ongoing training to stay up to date with current methods, equipment, technology, and procedures.

Meet the Team

David Wright - Wright Fire and Forensics

David Wright, P.E., CFEI, CVFI

Mr. Wright is the owner and a principal consultant of Wright Fire & Forensics, LLC.  Based upon education, training, and experience gained from 30 years in the engineering, construction, manufacturing, design, consulting, fire investigation, and forensics industries, Mr. Wright established Wright Fire & Forensics, LLC in 2010.  Mr. Wright is a Registered Professional Engineer in Tennessee and Alabama.

Mr. Wright is recognized for his leadership, skills, and expertise in the disciplines of engineering, project management, forensic analysis, and fire and explosion investigation. Typical services for expertise include consulting on mechanical and electrical equipment, appliances, product design and defect, fire suppression systems, fire investigation, automotive, marine, construction defect, electrical and controls wiring, refrigeration, HVAC equipment, plumbing, gas equipment, plastic injection molding, restaurant equipment, and equipment testing and design. Mr. Wright has provided deposition, arbitration, mediation assistance, and trial testimony. Mr. Wright has been recognized as a mechanical and electrical engineer in the Tennessee judicial system.

  • Professional Engineer (Alabama)
  • Professional Engineer (Kentucky)
  • Professional Engineer (Tennessee)
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator
  • Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator
  • Private Investigator (Kentucky)
  • Private Investigator (Tennessee)

C 615-218-1008
O 615-866-6612
E dwright@wrightff.com

Ray Tant

Ray Tant, P.E., M.S.C.E.

Mr. Tant is a Senior Consultant, Civil Engineering, for Wright Fire & Forensics, LLC with 27 years of experience in design, construction, failure analysis, and forensic engineering. His experience has spanned multiple fields, including geotechnical engineering, construction, and materials testing.

Design projects include above-ground storage tanks (concrete and steel),  landfills, water and wastewater treatment facilities, multistory structures, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, linear accelerators, large retail centers, interstate interchanges, and overpasses. His services included performing geotechnical investigations to characterize the site’s subsurface conditions for use in the design of foundation and slab support, settlement analysis, and soil and rock slope stability.

Construction expertise was delivered through quality control and quality assurance of site grading, deep and shallow foundation installation, great beam reinforcing still installation, casting of fresh concrete for building elements, and coordinating metals inspectors for structural steel and fireproofing components.

Mr. Tant utilizes design knowledge and construction experience in forensic investigations allowing a keener insight into the mechanics of failure. Forensic engineering investigations have included roof damage, material defects, expansive soil and rock, soil and rock slope failures, foundation failures, sinkholes, vehicle impacts, moisture intrusion, wood rot damage, tree impacts, and construction defects.

  • Professional Engineer (Alabama)
  • Professional Engineer (Georgia)
  • Professional Engineer (Kentucky)
  • Professional Engineer (North Carolina)
  • Professional Engineer (Tennessee)
  • Professional Engineer (Virginia)

C 865-271-7152
O 615-866-6612
E rtant@wrightff.com

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Anthony Fultz, IAAI-CFI, CFEI, CVFI

Mr. Fultz has over 28 years of fire service from public fire departments and fire investigations for insurance, manufacturers, and attorney clients.  Mr. Fultz’ expertise was gained through public service, seminars, continuing education, training, and multiple certifications.  He is licensed to conduct fire investigations in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Mr. Fultz is a certified accelerant detection canine handler and has handled canines for 11 years.  Mr. Fultz works with “Buddy” a certified Labrador Retriever.

Mr. Fultz’ project experience in fire investigation ranges from the investigation of single-family residences to the large and complex scenes.  Mr. Fultz’s expertise includes fire investigations for a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial, vehicle, marine, appliances, and equipment.  He is adept in scene examination, documentation, interview techniques, photographic documentation, evidence collection, research, analysis, testing, communication, and reporting.  Mr. Fultz is proficient with evidence collection and testing.

Mr. Fultz has qualified and provided expert witness testimony in the field of fire investigation including depositions and trial testimony.

  • Certified Fire Investigator
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator
  • Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator
  • Private Investigator | KY , TN , VA
  • Certified Accelerant Detection Canine Handler

C 865-361-9144
O 615-866-6612
E afultz@wrightff.com

Shayne Adams

Shayne Adams, IAAI-CFI, CFEI

Mr. Adams is a Senior Consultant for Wright Fire & Forensics, LLC, and is a Certified Fire Investigator, a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, and Hazard Materials Specialist.

Professional experience includes firefighting, law enforcement, and fire investigation. His project experience in fire investigation ranges from single-family residences to  large and complex multi-million dollar scenes. Mr. Adam's expertise includes fire investigations for a wide range of residential, commercial, restaurants, motor vehicle, and heavy equipment projects.

  • Certified Fire Investigator
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator
  • Private Investigator (Kentucky)
  • Private Investigator (Tennessee)
  • Private Investigator (Alabama)
  • Private Investigator (Mississippi)

C 931-629-1755
O 615-866-6612
E sadams@wrightff.com

Support Specialists

Brenda Lynam

Ms. Lynam has over 30 years of professional experience providing executive level administration for diverse management structures and organizations.  Her background includes office management, corporate event planning, human resources, and all levels of administrative support.  Ms. Lynam is instrumental in project administration, client communication, accounting, and product delivery.

P 615-866-6612
C 615-767-9494
E blynam@wrightff.com

Cynthia Wright

Ms. Wright has over 30 years of professional experience with engineering firms. Her background includes human resources, payroll, and project accounting.  Ms. Wright is instrumental in benefit assessment, insurance, expense accounting, and accounts receivable.

P 615-866-6612
E cwright@wrightff.com

Jennifer Wright

Ms. Wright has over 20 years of professional experience in commercial and retail industries.  Her background includes sales, marketing, and customer service.  Ms. Wright is instrumental in project administration, advertising, 3D scans, Drone piloting, quality assurance, evidence stewardship, and customer expectations.

C 615-585-7910
E jwright@wrightff.com

Sandy Adams

Ms. Adams

C 931-231-5841
P 615-866-6612
E sandy@wrightff.com

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Dick W., Insurance Claim Professional | Franklin, TN

“Wright Fire and Forensics is the best of the best. My first call when an expert is needed."

Litigation Specialist, Tennessee

“I have had the opportunity to use the services of Wright Fire & Forensics professionally in my job for many years. The entire staff is professional, courteous, and quickly respond to all of my needs. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone seeking their services, which are quite expansive.”